On Friday, May 14, 2021, Canella made the Official Launch of the All-New Isuzu D-MAX in the Guatemalan market, due to the current situation it was carried out virtually on the Facebook platform @isuzugt and was aimed mainly at the media and clients in general to reach all the loyal followers of the brand.

In this Launch, Canella has put in first place the value of what customers do with their Isuzu D-MAX pickup, their work and adventure companion. The customer is the most important thing for us and that is why we have launched the ALL-NEW D-MAX “INSPIRED BY YOU” campaign, since no matter what our customer does, our pickups were made to suit their needs.

 The all-new D-MAX is a very versatile pickup, it is reliable, safe, strong, and efficient, and that allows us to direct it to different audiences, it has different versions available at Isuzu Canella. The most equipped is the V-Cross version, which is a special version. This is a Pick-Up aimed mainly at the adventurer, who wants to travel comfortably with all the luxuries of an SUV but with the practicality and performance of a Pick-up.

The following versions are the D-MAX 3.0L engine full equipped in mechanical and automatic transmission that has 190 horsepower and a torque of 450Nm, with a quieter, more reliable, powerful engine making this version a very good Pick-Up, comfortable, with an exciting interior, which can be ideal for work during the week and it can also be ideal for a getaway with family or friends to know Guatemala on weekends, with higher security standards for passengers.

We also have the 1.9L engine, full equipped version with a new engine that Isuzu launches in the Guatemalan market that has the virtue of being very efficient and robust, the power of this engine is 150 horsepower and 350Nm of torque, this version maintains an excellent degree of features and is ideal for those who travel many kilometers and are also looking for efficiency in consumption.

Also, the Pick-Ups are designed for work, in this case we have two versions in a single cabin and a double cabin. These versions are 100% designed for daily work vehicles, always with the durability and efficiency that characterizes D-MAX.

There is an Isuzu D-MAX for every adventurer and every worker, backed by Isuzu Canella.

In the transmission of the Launch of the New D-MAX we heard the words of the General Manager of Canella, Mr. Jose Roberto Aguirre who tells us that the staff is now ready, the technicians and sales consultants have already been trained and the stock of spare parts is already complete, offering as always the backing and support that Canella has had in his career of more than 76 years in the Guatemalan market. Mario Tamayac Manager of the Isuzu Canella Division tells us that the New Isuzu D-MAX will impact the Guatemalan market, with the new innovations in the engine and many changes in the exterior, comfort, and safety without losing the essence of the spirit of adventure and strength that has always characterized Isuzu and invites us to visit Isuzu Canella agencies to get to know the New D-MAX better.





CANELLA S.A. was founded in 1945 with the vision of offering prestigious brands to the Guatemalan market with a true passion for service, this continues to be the foundation of the company today. With 76 years in the market and with various business units ranging from technology, motorcycles, vehicles, trucks, vans, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, accumulators and lubricants, Isuzu began ties with Canella in 1974.